The team behind Novel Tales


Colin Hall is the creator of the Novel Tales personalised books for children.

Having retired from his business adventures, he wrote a story for the grandchild of a friend and was inspired by the reaction of this founder member of his literary fan club.

Colin was transported back to his own youth, and the excitement he felt as he put on his school team kit, imagining lining up alongside his Manchester City heroes.

This stimulus for the imagination and thirst for reading is one he wants to ignite and encourage in children, and perhaps re-connect to the enthusiasm and natural creativity of his childhood.


Tony Carr is the graphic designer and illustrator for Novel Tales.  Whether designing interactive beer mats for football fans or the corporate identity of an electrical company, Tony is a man as playful in his work as he is innovative.

His illustrations capture the spirit in Colin’s writing perfectly and bring his words to life from page to fantasy.





Martin Grimshaw is the guy behind the tech side of Novel Tales.

Facilitator, organisational consultant and trainer, web development is one aspect of his work: helping businesses develop and helping teams and organisations thrive together, with an emphasis on Social Enterprise, sustainability and systems for effective collaboration.